Native Ontario Garden Packs

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Attract butterflies, bees and birds to your yard! These Native Ontario Garden Packs contain 6 species. Each have been selected to grow in similar conditions and provide food and/or shelter for pollinators and animals. Each plant has been grown from seed sustainably gathered in Ontario, and as such, is uniquely suited to grow in Ontario. Whether your garden is full of sun, or is shrouded in shade, tight on space or dry as a bone there’s a garden pack to suit your needs. Grow some Canada!

Growing Conditions┬áTable — See each pack’s characteristics below in order to make the best choice for you!

Prairie Meadow Full to part sun Dry to medium soil
Low Grow Full to part sun Medum to dry soil *For gardens with minimal space
Wet Meadow Full to part sun Wet to medium soil
Pond Edge Full to part sun Wet soil
Forest Floor Part to full shade Moist to medium soil

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